Daylight Flexilens on mini base

Daylight Flexilens on mini-base

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– 5 special holes: can be pinned to a lace cushion

– Main Lens: 3 1/2″ diameter lens (2.25x – 5 diopter)

– Inset Lens: 3/4″ diameter lens (4.0x – 12 diopter)

– Flexible arm adjustable to any position

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Product Description

This versatile magnifier has five holes on its mini-base making it ideal for pinning to lace cushions and for model making. This 9cm diameter lens with a 2cm higher magnification inset lens and flexible arm gives you the detailed precision you need.

Colour: black
Arm length: 17.5cm (7 inches)
Lens diameter: 9cm (3½ inches)
Lens magnification: 2.25x
Inset lens diameter: 2cm (1 inches)
Inset lens magnification: 4x


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