Daylight Flexi-Vision Floor Lamp


– Low heat shade with 20w Daylight bulb (100w equiv)

– Height adjustable and flexible arm for reading in a sofa or at a table

– Safety features for visually impaired customers

– Anti-trip cable holders and clear on/off switch location

– Large wing nut for easy height adjustment

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Product Description

This product is the result of extensive research and collaboration with the RNIB and other low vision specialists. The Flexi-visionTM Floor lamp regroups all the best features to make it the ultimate reading lamp. The 20w Daylight™ energy saving bulb reduces glare and improves contrast allowing you to read and write for longer in optimal comfort. With the new multi-swivel system and flexible arm, you can direct the light exactly where you need it and use this lamp on a sofa or at a table. The Flexi-visionTM Floor lamp is also one of the safest lamps on the market with clear on/off switch location, anti-trip cable holders and low heat shade.

Colour: Brushed Chrome
Replacement bulb: U15200
Height: 140cm (55 inches)
Weight: 5.9kg (13 lbs)
Light: 20W (100W)


Approved by the RNIB Approved by the Royal National Institute for the Blind (in the UK), so you can be sure that this product is perfect and safe for people wearing regular or low vision glasses.

Daylight™ colors Love the colors just the way they are! The Daylight™ technology not only reduces eye-strain; it gives you the best colour matching ever.

Daylight™ technology With full spectrum Daylight™ technology, your eyes will still be fresh at the end of the day! No headaches, no red-eyes, working under Daylight™ becomes as relaxing and natural as a walk in the park.

Energy saving All Daylight™ bulbs and tubes use 80% less energy. When you work with your lamp, you reduce your electricity bill and do your bit for the planet.

Flicker-free Experience the Flicker-Free light revolution with Daylight. No stroboscope effect, no headaches, just a pure soothing light to relax your eyes!

Low heat Even if you touch the shade or tube of this lamp by accident, you will be safe. All our bulbs and tubes use the Daylight™ low heat technology for ultimate comfort and safety.



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